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Your Business needs a faster, simpler and more convenient way to order new stock as needed and alert when stock is nearly out.The INREACH app enables 2 main things:
Order on-demand various beveragesAn extremely easy-to-use ordering app that enables ordering quick on-demand ad hoc stock. Track the delivery in real-time as it heads your way. Track in real-time the actual location of the delivery, communicate with the suppliers and receive notifications, all from the comfort of your own mobile phone.Benefits:
1. More Stock, More MoneyStock stays full and fitting to your demand.Have the opportunity to sell more, and offer new goods then ever before, enjoying more returning customers.
2. ConvenienceFaster more efficient stock ordering and renewal brought straight to your door when you need it.
3.PredictabilityRemove the need to predict when stock is nearly out. Simply order stock on a per-need basis. No more stress over quantities and no more waiting idly until stock arrives.